Car Dealer Reviews

Think of Trip Advisor, but for the Car Dealership world. Having gained success organically over the past three years, becoming the leader wthin their category - it was about time to breathe life into the CDR brand across all touchpoints, print, digital and experience.  

Created @ Spark



CDRs main equity comes from the huge amount of public opinion it gathers, with this in mind it felt right to pursue a direction of 'conversation'. This influenced the creative approach leading to a mark that resembles speech, typography that is not only warm - but inviting and imagery that portrays the open road; an analogy of welcoming one and all. 


Fastest route to success

Taking the intital learning's from the first Car Dealer Reviews site, we started with a complete UX overhaul - audience research, persona production and user stories. The key to the site was to deliver the right reviews at the right time, heroing the people involved by creating 'report ambassadors' and allowing dealerships another form of marketing.

Deal me in

That last point mentioned above about the dealerships is key; we had to educate them about the benefits of supplying relevant info and also entice them to 'want' to keep their pages updated. Success in this area came through a structured CRM system followed by Direct Mail.