Manchester Arena Prime VIP

Manchester Arena has been the beating heart of Manchester's live entertainment for as long as I can remember. The whole team has enjoyed experience after experience there, so what better project to get our teeth stuck into than the naming and branding of their VIP corporate hospitality offering. We began by immersing ourselves in their employees day-to-day lives, learning the pro's and cons of selling such a valuable experience and their current marketing strategies. Audience immersion was also carried out to find the decision trees traversed when purchasing an experience. 

Created @ Spark



Workshops, competitor analysis and future thinking lead us to a series of potential names, next came various rounds of testing where we all settled on the name 'Prime'. It had all the right connotations and in the words of the clients marketing department 'it just felt right when saying it as a sentence to customers'. Manchester Arena is a 'Prime' location, it is a 'Prime' experience with 'Prime' hospitality.



A clear line of sight was our driving creative thought, from all the research and insight a grid ws created based on the viewing angle of the most hardcore event attendees, the people at the front fo the gig - the ones who've worked their asses off to be front and centre. This was the feeling we wanted to capture and deliver to Manchester Arena's VIPs. We paired this intricate angle with a premium mono-metallic palette and geometric typography to deliver a truly consisten brand experience.


The grid

Using our perfect viewing angle, a grid was produced to be our foundation of excellence. This then gave us the edge to produce shapes with energy and direction, dynamisn and focus. These same cuts were also applied to our typography, forming a consistent visual aesthetic.


Customer journey

To co-incide with the branding, we were able to enhance the customer journey and reccommend how to enhance the decision and purchase funnel, tailoring key selling points to match the needs of different personas.