SONY / Ministry of Sound

One of the biggest music entertainment sources around, we have had the opportunity to create a number of TV adverts with a wide range of approaches including a phenomenal amount of disciplines. All are based on a sample soundbed where we conceptualise, script, storyboard, source creatives/production houses, direct and deliver finished ready to air TV adverts. These adverts then span a multitude of channels including reformatting for verticals including Instagram and Youtube. 

Created @ Spark

Anthems Acoustic

What more could you want from an acoustic advert than a fly-through of a cathedral-esque acoustic guitar.

R&B Mixtape

Our influence for this video came from the True Detective series. We fused R&B icons with the subtle sense of smoke forming a premium yet playful approach for this genre.

Weekend Goals

Fast, pacy music calls for a swift approach to shooting. We created a line-up of Weekend Goal ambassadors, each playing out their own story.

Anthems Soul Classics

Fusing glass and metal textures together, we created a spinning 3D zoetrope that brought to life the emblemic icons of the genre.

Chilled Electronic 80s

When listening to the potential soundbed for this album one thing came to mind, the flow of the music, it was calming, relaxing... almost like the flowing of water. This then lead us to thinking about the inhabitants of the ocean, jelly-fish in particular with their elegant movement.