United Utilities

Times, they are'a changing. Most people these days tend to run their life via their mobile phones, whether it's buying some snazzy socks from Amazon or booking a trip to somewhere abroad, why should checking and paying your utilties usage be any different. We were asked to inspire and educate the UU customers to go paperless and explore a more digital approach to managing their account.

Created @ Spark



At the heart of the app came our proposition, 'We are wherever you are'. You could be checking your account whilst partying in the pub or sitting quietly in the local cinema. These are the scenarios we wanted to explore through a variety of personas. 


Working around your life

The world of utilities tends to gather a multitude of personas, these personas were at the heart of how we created scenrio driven messaging and relatable imagery. Scenarios included getting your bill paird before work or checking your usage whilst out shopping with the kids. Wihtin a week of going live our campaign doubled the amount of app downloads and general awareness of an alternative to paper based billing.